Pcie 2.0 card performance on pice 1.1 slot

i have intel dg31pr mobo with pcie 1.1 slot
but my mobo specification at following link show: expansion option PCIe x16 Gen 2.x = 1

link : http://ark.intel.com...t.aspx?id=30815

pls check the above link, its show my mobo dg31pr specification

and tell me about my mobo is either pcie 1.1 or 2.0
i wan to buy gtx 460..its pcie 2.0
gtx 460 compatible with pcie1.1
if yes games frame rates reduces..
if yes then how much...
help me for this
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  1. Yeah 2.0 is compatible with 1.1 I don't think you will lose very many frames if any.
  2. Yep is will work and there will be no loss in performance (due to the decreased link bandwidth at least). Be sure you have the newest MB BIOS.
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