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I am confused about the different speeds. I have 25 mbps down and 3 up which is $50 a month. I was just look at the different speed that you can get for businesses and i was surprised at how expensive it was for so much less speed. For example, the 2 mbps down and 384 kbps is the same price as mine. ( ). Why would this be? I know that you have more options but wouldn't you need more speed if you a business then 2 up and 384 kbps down? Also i was looking at T3 and people online says its a several thousand but you only get 44.736 mbps( )? So you would pay like 100 times more for less then double the speed? I am trying to understand but just cant wrap my head around that. I think European countries use the period for what we do in the USA. Is that right? If so that would make a lot more sense. But if that is true i don't understand my first question about my local internet. Thanks
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    Business class service will cost more. Is it worth it? that's a separate issue.

    T1/T3 are: symettrical (up and download speeds are equal). This is important if you are hosting & need to send info out, VPNs, and the like.
    Different level of support - higher priority for downtime, for example.
    Based on different technology, that may be more expensive for the carrier (I guess).
    Higher profit center for the carrier.
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