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Intel DX79TO motherboard

i know that stock turbo burst on 3930K is 3.5ghz using 6 cores
i wanted to over clock it a bit to 3.8 using 6 cores ,
i used Intel Extreme Utility to do that , i change the 3.5 to 3.8 in-front of 6-core turbo boost multiplier and ask for restart ,
first time booting was failed , then i reset the default setting in bios , and even uninstalled Intel extreme utility and all it's data and profiles ,

now on overloads( monitoring using cpu-z )for example rendering it only stays on 3.4ghz , before that it was on 3.5 GHz
i tried restoring , flashing the bios to latest version, and even restoring windows to earlier , or removing all the drivers installed and reinstalling them , but still stocks at 3.4ghz on full-load.

my setting on bios :

first screen :

Performance page , Disabled and loading default :

Performance Page Default Setting

Performance Page trying to raise turbo boost to 3.6 for example :

and this is cpu-z snap shot while rendering , before using that intel extereme utility my score was 10.11 or something like that but now it's about 9.5~9.8

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  1. and how should i boost turbo frequency from 3.5 to say 3.7 ?
    intel boards are really messed up !
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    does it heat up while rendering?
  3. Second, are you certain that all the CPU's cores and threads are at 100% usage constantly when you use that software?
    The behavior of your CPU's frequency when using Turbo Boost depends upon the settings in your EFI/BIOS. One thing that affects this is Enhanced Intel Speed Step (EIST), the power saving feature. If that is not enabled, the maximum Turbo frequency can be limited, which may be your problem. That is just the way this CPU is designed, and using EIST does not hurt performance.
    Intel did not intend Turbo Boost 2.0 to be setting the CPU clock at it's maximum frequency all the time, although some mother boards ignore that and let the user keep the CPU at 3.8GHz or higher, from the standard frequency of 3.4GHz.
  4. i noticed that when i open the case cover everything seems to be working fine ,
    cpu while rendering heat up to 67C on air cooling,
    i think the cpu manages to loose multiplier on heating !
    i am going to order Antec Kühler H2O 920 tomorrow maybe it'll fix the issue , i let you know , thanks h3sham
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