HDMI Sound Output?

Hi. I'm building my computer this week (when my parts arive). The specs will be:

Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3.3GHz
Gigabyte ASUS (dunno model)
1TB 7200RPM 6.0GB/s
6GB DDR3 @ 1600
Radeon 5870HD @ 1GB

Anyways, I was looking for a review (or even a question) about the Radeon's HDMI port. I know it has sound drivers but I was wondering: could I use the 3.5MM on board for my old computer speaker / subwoofer combo and HDMI through my TV with an output going to a stereo expander that has a full 7.1 surround sound center? Basically, I want to keep my computer speakers plugged in because it would add an extra 6 speakers and subwoofer to my already 12 speaker 1 sub entertainment center. I was reading poor reviews by other people on the internet, and read that you have to enable the HDMI output and Windows 7 won't let you have dual sound output.. is this true? I'm getting ready for the parts to get hear (cleaning up wires, etc.) and would like to know in advanced whether the computer speakers will work; or how I can get them to work.
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  1. No one knows? Does anyone have the 5870? Is it possible to play audio through HDMI and the 3.5MM onboard headphone jack simotaniously?
  2. I'm pretty sure you will not be able to run the sound from the same program through both at the same time. You can switch or run different programs through different outputs.
  3. That's what I thought, but I hoped differently since this motherboard has an onboard Dolby Digital 5.1 Xi-Fi.. are you guessing or do you know from experience? I need to know before my order gets processed for my motherboard. Also, what if I got a sound card? Could I stream the audio from the graphic card's HDMI while streaming it through the sound card?
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