What graphics cards will work on a hyper type-r 580w power supply unit

hi i have amd athon dual core 7550 x2
4gb corsair memery
1tb hard drive
a hyper type - r 580w psu
i cant get the8800gt graphics card to work on my system please help
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  1. get a new psu from a reliable name that actually produces the specs it advertises never heard of a hyper tube and likely it is crap if the gpu is functional
  2. did you install the latest nvidia drivers from the webpage? what are your expiriences with trying when you say you "can't" get it to work? be more specific, but if you are doing everything right then first thing I would look to is your psu...
  3. hi i put the graphics card in the switched it on then nothing at all so i pulled the 6 pin connector out it switch the pc on then it screemed at me
  4. yeah , get a new psu... that is 80+ certified from a reputable manufacter such as antec, corsair or seasonic...

  5. HIPER (High Performance Group) was founded in Milton Keynes/UK in 2001.

    CWT (Channel Well Technolog(y/ies)) is the main OEM of its PSUs. Andyson, Sirtec and Seventeam are some of the other OEMs that were used.

    HIPER is now out of business and there is no way to contact them for RMA of their products.

    The Hiper Type R 580W (HPU-4B580) provides 20 Amps on the +12V1 rail and 18 Amps on the +12V2 rail with a max combined of 360W (30 Amps).

    The NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT graphics card, when running at stock speeds, will draw a maximum of 8.75 Amps from the +12 Volt rail(s).

    Your current power supply is more than capable of meeting your current system requirements.

    During the motherboard's power on self test do you hear a single beep? Do you see anything on the monitor at all?

    Is the graphics card fully seated in the PCI Express slot?

    Have you tried the graphics card in another system to prove that it works?
  6. hi i dont hear a single beep
    the monitor dosent come on
    the card is the pci slot properly

    unfortually i have got a another machine to test :(

    but when i try to switch the machine on my lights on my fans flash once but nothing apart from that
  7. does your computer boot without the 8800? do you have integrated video? if so try that, also yeah the psu may work but if it is shot or aging it may not
  8. hi yes the pc does boot up with out the 8800
  9. the graphics card is a 1gb
  10. yeah get a new psu, Its gotta be an insuffiecient or aging psu if everything is connected correctly get a new psu and call it a day...
  11. ko888 is right in saying that your psu will work if its not shot, so if its a busted psu now then replace it...
  12. hi the psu is working fine
  13. if the psu is fine which i doubt it is, then the gpu is faulty, so either way one of the pieces of the puzzle does not work
  14. i had a 680w g7 psu from maplin electronics at first so i brought the 6 pin adaptor then tried that at first so no joy it did the same thing then i brought the hyper type -r 580w and its still the same
  15. yeah well sounds like your the 8800 is done for, did you get it second hand or what? have you ever had it running before and if so on what psu? and, as a rule of thumb I wouldnt buy non 80+ certified psus from known manufacturers such as antec corsair or seasonic...
  16. hi i brought it from cex but looky enough i have still got the receipt
    thankyou all trying to help me i will let you all know the result
  17. return it and get a reliable psu such as the one I linked to you
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