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hey all, :D

Im sure that this has been posted here before, but i cant seem to find it. so dont player hate cause im reposting a topic you've all seen before k? i just need some help with this real quick. :sweat:

i have a laptop with xp (sp2) and a desktop with vista (most recent updates to original purchase) and i want to connect them so i can share files between them. But, i've never done this before so im kinda stumped. i plug both comps into a router and open my network shortcut, but theres nothing there. it only shows my comp (the one im curently using) or nothing at all (the comp i want to share files with). what am i doing wrong?

my brother asked my why i dont just use a memery stick and move them that way. for some reason whenever i try to move the files over to the memeory stick it says the file is not there and to verify its location. which makes no sense cause its RIGHT THERE! :fou: argh.

Any help would be awesome
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  1. google this, there's tons of results and guides:

    "file sharing windows xp and vista"
  2. thank you a ton
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