Weird Dual monitor problem

Having a weird and highly annoying problem.. I have had a dual monitor setup for a long time. I just recently purchased a new led tv which im eventually going to duplicate one of my screens and hang it above my other two monitors. For now its next to my computer so ill try to explain what happened.

My main monitor is DVI and the other monitor is hooked up through VGA. Since i got my new led tv i like to hook up my computer to my tv using the DVI from my main monitor to watch movies,shows,etc as i wait for my new cables and mount. Ive done this 2-3 times since i got the new tv and had no problems hooking it up back and fourth. yesterday i did the same thing but this time after hooking my DVI back up to my main monitor my second monitor (vga) resolution is off and bigger then the actual screen.

I have...

*Obviously checked resolutions
*installed new drivers for video card (GTX 280 Hc16)
*uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for monitors new
*unplugged everything and rebooted everything
*reset resolution at boot-up
*plugged my main displays dvi into the dvi port in my external monitor but recieve same resolution problem

Thanks for your help..
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  1. Oh and my main monitor display is fine it's just my second monitor that messed up which is weird bc i never even changed anything with it...
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