Random black/blank screen, no sound computer still on

Hi, this is my first time posting here and I need help. My computer screen randomly turns itself off. The led on the screen indicates that it is receiving no signal from the computer. when I'm playing music, the sounds also turn off so I'm guessing that it is not a problem with the screen but with the CPU. the only way to use the computer again is to hard reset it using the power button. I check the event viewer and it shows no error related to the problem. other than it reporting that the computer shutoff or restarted unexpectedly. there is no .dmp file being created so I cant post that. the computer showed a blue screen of death (bsod) twice out of 40 times this happed. the first bsod showed an kernel_data_inpage_error with ntfs.sys. the second bsod also showed kernel_data_inpage_error but with ataport.sys. The bsod seems to suggest that I have a bad HDD so I ran CHKDSK. it showed no error. I download the disk checker from the website of the brand that made my HDD. the downloaded disk checker also showed no error. I also used memtest to check my ram. memtest showed that my ram passed the test. So the checks I did seems to indicate that both my ram and HDD are working fine. I then tried to update all my drivers. after the update, the computer still randomly turns the screen off. I then opened my computer and made sure that all the wires are properly connected. I also replace the SATA cable of my HDD thinking that it may just be a bad wire. I connected it to a different SATA port on the mother Board thinking that the old sata port is broken or something. A also palce my ram on a different ram slot. After that, it still didn't fix the problem. I am quickly running out of ideas here and any suggestion would be great. The only thing left for me to do is to reformat and reinstall windows. I doubt that will work but I cant think of anything else. I also checked the bios for the temperature and it seemed fine. I am also thinking that my PSU has gone bad, but why in the world does the problem occur randomly. Help me please.
Here are my system specs:
WD 500GB sata HDD
ati radeon hd 5670 1GB
2 GB kingston ddr3 ram
amd Athlon II x4 630
PSU thermaltake 400/430W
MSI 785 ....(I don't remember)
one other thing, I built this rig 8 months ago.
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  1. Almost sounds like it is going into sleep mode and then not waking.

    check you power settings make sure sleep is set for never on you hardware profile and power saving mode is not turned on, HD is not set to turn off etc.... you get the drift....

    what OS?
    what MB MSI 785???? what bios version?
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I have already check the power settings and it is set to never go to sleep or turn off the display.
    OS is windows 7 64bit
    msi 785gm e65
    and I'm not really sure about the bios version, Ill post it as soon as I find out.
  3. Is there anything in your system event logs? that indicates an error?
  4. nope, nothing.It only reports that it had an unexpected shutdown.
  5. I would replace the Power Supply first with a better one. it is the most likely hardware piece that is could be causing the issue.

    an Antec earthwatts, silverstone or Corsair CX series. all can be had for around $50 or less. 400 -500W range with these brands will be fine. they will be able to hand a bet GPU if you should decided to upgrade a little later.
  6. wow im having the same problem with my rig and can't find an answer anywhere, I am running a reliable psu as the one in my sig rig below arg!
  7. I forgot that I post something in this forum hahahaha. So My computer is fixed and has been running smoothly for a month now. About a month and a half ago I had it fix by the place where I bought the majority of my components since most of them were still under warranty. I waited about 3 weeks for them to fix it. 1st week they thought they fixed it just by cleaning the inside of my PC. I got it back and tested it at home ,but the problem still persisted. I gave it back to the shop for them to fix it again. two weeks later I got it back and I asked them what did they do this time, apparently my motherboard was defective and they replaced the entire thing with a new one free of charge :) since it was still under warranty. I asked them what specific part of the motherboard was defective ,but they couldn't give me a straight answer. I think they were lazy in testing my PC so they just replaced the biggest part and just got lucky :)
  8. sounds like a shady shop, this is why I do all my own comp building, I only have to answer to myself and I know what components I used, anyhow thinking of my situation::

    damn now im gonna have to deal with a pny rma without an original receipt however registered but the gpu I have is only a few months old (GTX 570) and they are not open til monday for their customer service dept. this sucks I might have to just go out and buy a 6850 or something to get by until the 7000 series or 600 series which I will be spending even more money on a damn gpu PNY better gimme something or at least repair the thing is so new ARG! I know damn well if they do not make it right then I will never support them as a US business ever again, strictly MSI and ASUS from here on out when dealing with gpu makes, this is ridiculous and im seriously losing interest in pc gaming as a whole because of this.
  9. This is a really old post but I still found it which means it's likely someone else who is having this problem did. I'm sure the solution I found isn't the answer for most of you, but I left my HDMI out port plugged and as a result my computer would attempt to project my computers screen on my TV. For an embarrassingly long amount of time I thought something was wrong with my computer when all along my screen and audio were going out because the computer defaulted to the secondary screen option. One solution is to simply unplug the HDMI cable from your computer until you want to use it for your TV again. Another option is to press windows key+P to cycle the screens to use, although it seems that, at least on my computer, that setting would randomly change to the TV screen only, causing my confusion. I also noticed it would sometimes default to the TV screen at start up, so the decision is yours if that is indeed your problem. It might be an inconvenience either way to unplug every time if you switch screens frequently, however I have no solution at this time for the random changing. Hope this ends up being the issue for some of you instead of something else resulting in you going out and buying expensive parts!
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