Smps and UPS

MY configuration is as follows
Coolermaster gx550W SMPS
Ati radeon HD 6850 GPU
Amd phenom x4 945 processor
seagate hdd 160gb
4 gb ram

i am looking for a new UPS as my old iball ups is not supporting my config when i play games or cpu is on load, otherwise its working normally while surfing internet or watching movies. So i like to know hich UPS (how much Watts) should i go for to support my config at high load .

waiting for you reply.
thank you. :) :)
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  1. I go with 80% of PSU + Monitor wattage as the size of the UPS.
  2. so i guess 600W UPS would be good to be on safer side ?? which brand is good ? APC ,iball , mircrotek ?
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