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Fighter targetting Fighter
For each fighter type in target wing (1 attack against each fighter
type in enemy wing):

"(1 attack against each fighter type in enemy wing):"

I know this mechanism from PD. They shot at type 1 fighter in wing. If
not successful then they try to hit the type 2 fighter and so on. But
once they hit a fighter type in wing they stop.

1) Is it the same here?
2) The PD vs Fighter section is empty. Maybe the fighter vs. fighter
algorithm is almost the same with light modifications?

Thanks in advance

GFM GToeroe
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I went over the code several times to be sure I was reading it right.

    1. It is different than PD. For PD, it is as you say. Fire at Type
    1. If miss, fire at Type 2. If miss, fire at Type 3.
    Fighters are different. A successful hit on Type 1 does not prevent a
    shot at Type 2 or Type 3. A fighter could get 3 successful hits during
    one attack. I've recently queried Tim on that, but haven't yet
    received a reply.

    2. As mentioned, the PD code is seperate. I'll try to get that up
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