How to decrease latency in wireless lan network

Dear All,

Why ping latency taking more in wireless network than wired network,,,,,,,,???????

In Wireless lan network 10 user get connected under juniper wireless router and router is intern get connected to ISP.

If I ping between local users under this wireless network.I am getting high latency more than 100ms to

USER 1 : his private IP :
USER 2 : His private IP :

Between these two user I am finding high latency in local area network(LAN).

Plz help me ....provide me solution for this thread and give any link which describes solution

Sunil Kumar G
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  1. Only between those users, not others?
    Do you have encryption enabled?
  2. gtvr said:
    Only between those users, not others?
    Do you have encryption enabled?

    No,It is just example, between all user it is happening same thing...
    WEP is enabled and without WEP can't keep the router and it will be not secure....
    And can u give me link which explins how wireless juniper router works and what its mechanisms...

    Sunil Kumar G
  3. I'm sure you can google for your router number & find the manual fairly easily.

    Do you have wired devices going through that same connection - what is their ping time?

    Just for a test, can you turn off WEP and see what the ping time is? Turn it back on when you're done. WEP isn't really secure anyways, it can usually be hacked in justa a few minutes - you would want some of the newer standards such as WPA.
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