Foxconn N15235, 4gb installed(in cmos regocnized) 2,75 in Windows 7 64-Bit

Hello, I just made a built for my girlfriend after Asus destroyed my p5b Mobo with a corrupt bios flash file.

This mobo only has 2dimm slots but it supports 4 gb this is also recognized in the bios and in windows as 4bg , But only 2,75 is usable.

This bios does not have a memory remap function , Nor is my msconfig boot configured so it would lock up any ram.

I am searching desperatly for an awnser that could resolve my issue,

I'm looking for an awnser that could help me with this bios. is there perhaps another function wich is not named memory remap that could have the same function?

My specs are

e6600 on foxconn n15235
2x ddr2 ram 2gb pc2-6400 (kingston &trancend memory)

Anyhelp is welcome
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  1. go to msconfig>boot>advanced options>check the maxmemory checkbox , restart and see if it helped
  2. if it didnt work,try swaping the memories around ,if it didn work re-seat the CPU,install a single module once at a time and add the rest modules
  3. As stated in my orignal post, changing the Msconfig boot lockup of memory is not enabled, there is no limit set.

    I should have stated that i switched my cpu with an e6400 and e6600 multiple times switched my ram ( wich made my pc not start up)

    one would speculate about broken ram or broken slot, but i have checked it thurraly and the ram is OK i tested it on another motherboard, and im sure the second slot is just having a conflict with the switch, because if it were faulty or defect the bios and windows and cpu-z would not recognize it but it does,

    i am simply a noob @ Foxconn motherboards, im sort of looking for some feedback about that bios.

    But thank you for the quick response !
  4. any onboard cards?
  5. i cant find the board anywhere but according to a friend of mine the board has onboard VGA and the chipset doesnt support memory mapping so if hes right you are stuck with low memory ,but to make sure check the resources monitor on your windows and see what it reports about the ram , if hes right your only option is getting another board
  6. **** well ill be a monkeys uncle,

    this would be incredably tiresome.

    i saw some settings in the bios concerning the vga something .hmm

    is there no way on earth i could fix this?
    i looked for a way to turn it off but it also says there only 128 mb going to the vga.

    i cant believe this mobo is a ghost , no search engine or foxconn website will come up with any results..

    if anyone else has a magic idea id be glad to try
  7. i tried to look for a way to turn the onboard vga off apparantly theres no way...ppl been complaining about it , heres where i found it
  8. tnx ive seen that also, but never say never..

    i meen 1,25 gb is kinda alot for a crappy 128 mb onboard vga

    tnx very much for helping me look,
  9. h3sham said:

    hmm hold on let me take a look its in at my neighbours right now brb
  10. h3sham said:

    It is not,

    Mine has a IDE ( white )connecter just on the bottom underneath the last PCI slot,

    and a Blue one on the right just behind the Main power connector.

    Its the motherboard of the flying dutchman ( joke )
  11. lol good one , and its kind of weird i cant find it on their website
  12. and 4 blue sata's next to that on the bottom. (right)

    This is it
  13. There is a VGA in and VGA out port on the back , does anyone want pictures of the bios ? im a desperate man.,.
  14. underneath that dedicated there a pci-e?
  15. above the battery
  16. yes under my pci-e card is a mini pci/e

    it looks exactly like the 2 pictures u sent me , whats the diff?

    usb 2.0?

    i know my mobo has that at least
  17. but im pretty sure its one of those 2 , the only diffrence i see is Ide ata 100 / 133

    are those mobo's gonna keep me at 2,75 ? or can devine intervention change my sad fate
  18. the 2.0 supports future generation and supports less ram clocks , well at least thats what i could get from it
  19. try disabling shared memory and see if it helps
  20. im going to try the set to agp ? , What? these guys are talking about agp cards? that wont go into my pcie ... , im asuming just the bios settings ?
  21. ill send u picture from my bios , it does not have easy words like shared memory or memory remap, its kinda tricky to guess what they all meen.. brb taking pictures
  22. not the agp part i meant the part where they disabled memory sharing...maybe thats the way to fix it
  23. ah i see, i tried to find the memory sharing but no succes, i needed to do a jumper reset back cmos checksum after trying the peg instead of vga,

    so there isnt exactly a southbridge area in the bios so ill look one more time for the memory sharing before i send u the pics

  24. These are the most relevant pages ,

    the integrated pher. page only contains the lan and audio.
    welcome to the foxcrack bios
  25. hmm check this article....i tried to understand it but ive been up since 730am and it 247am atm and im dead tired so i cant get a word of what it means xD
  26. interesting , u go to bed im also taking the hours late , im going to try peg one more time , previously i got bootlooped if it doesnt work im going to bed and continue the search for 4gb usable tomorrow :P

    thank you for all your help i apreciate it alot
  27. good luck then :D
  28. It has been set from AUTO to PEG, it boots windows , but still 4 Ram (2,75) Usable.
    Perhaps something in Windows 7-64 bit can be edited to make it allocate 100% of the modules ,

    Bios does nothing , but it shows 4, windows does nothing but it shows 4, it needs to USE 4!.

    For everyone owning this mobo, return to sender!
  29. in the resources monitor does it say that the 1.75GB are hardware reserved?
  30. 1,20 something is hardware reserved
  31. ok since everything we tried doesnt work...throw the flying dutchman's mobo away and get a decent one
  32. but ffirst check this out it might help somehow

    its a last resort before you have to pay for another
  33. hehehe nice try :P tnx anyway

    oh well ill send this baby to the next dimention then,
    any good cheap 775 mobo u know of for a conroe e6600 that can handle about 8 gb ram and has overclocking potentials?
    my girlfriend really wants to join me on the BF3 bandwagon and after i totally nuked her (MY) asus p5b mobo with the corrupt bios flash and this wonderfull foxcrack board wont let me get more than 2,6 gb im going to need a new one,

    by my experiance and troubleshooting bf3 online is unplayable with less than 6gb ram, unless u want the 1 second freezes ingame everytime u get in action.
  34. 2 modules of 4gb are way to expensive + a motherboard , i found a solution . ill buy sandybridge mobo 35 euro's asrock, intel celeron 2,4 ghz and 8 gb kingston and ill be 110 euros lighter , thats all. + the game that is .
  35. sounds like a good idea to me
  36. any owners of this motherboard who've had succes with 4 gb?
  37. Foxconn that is
  38. Bump!
  39. desperate bump -_-
  40. I've upgraded from 2G to 4G. I got some problems too. I think it's how fast are the memmory cimms. But I'm not sure jet.
  41. Frits van Leeuwen said:
    I've upgraded from 2G to 4G. I got some problems too. I think it's how fast are the memmory cimms. But I'm not sure jet.

    Hey the busspeed of the cpu is not built for +3gb ram, just throw it away its outdated garbage.
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