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Hi everyone

I just bought the Razer Mako 2.1 speakers and I'm very happy with it!! It sounds terrific!

After reading a lot in the internet, it seems that an offboard sound card would greatly improve the sound of those speakers (i'm using my motherboard integrated sound).

Could you suggest a good sound card (up to US$100) that will improve my system? I've been looking into Asus Xonar DG, what do you guys think? Does the Xonar DS worth the extra money?
I've heard creative drivers suck, so asus would be preferable.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Xonar D1 on PCI or DX - same card on PCIex1.
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    DS is worth the money, but i got those speakers for my office, and you can still find here difference with the asus xonar DX, howwever i wouldnt go over DX, cos at the end of the day, its only a PC speaker.

    by the way getting a larger table, and putting more room behind and at teh side of teh speakers, improve their resolving power by quite a bit, ud bit very surprised, when the background musics, come out even better through the vocals.
  3. On the low end:

    The ASUS Xonar DG is geared primarilly for high-end headphone use, due to its powered amp. Wouldn't recommend it for any other purpose. The DS is a very good upgrade from onboard, but the D1/DX is simply a better all around package. The HT Omega Striker competes directly against the ASUS Xonar D1/DX, and also deserves a look.
  4. hey guys thanks a lot for the replies!

    There's a Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe in the office and I'm thinking about giving this card a ride in my rig, what do you think? I just hope this card is not way too much better than the Xonar DX, because I just can't afford one! Here in Brazil the xonar DX costs RS$400, what is more or less US$250 (damn taxes! :fou: ) and US$315 for a used HDAV1.3.

    MEgamer, thanks for your advice, I was doing everything wrong and didn't knew! way better now. I still havent found a good position for my sub. . .near a corner he's making weird noises (i think he is vibrating too much) and away from the corner he becomes too smooth... any advice?

  5. corners and walls, will always improve the subs respionse, but it will always makes peaks, at cetains frequencies, i think you should puit it in the corner, and reduce the bass volume a bit.

    by teh way could you tell me exactly what you mean by weird noises? cos my sub vibrates teh floor, rather then makes noises cos its vibrating too much on its "own".
  6. Well, the HDAV is a good card, but its REALLY meant to take advantage of its HDMI port. Analog quality is better then the D1/DX though [120dB vs 114dB], but it seems like a waste if your not going to use either the HDMI In or HDMI out port...The Xense or Essence ST/STX might be a better buy in that case.
  7. ^
    ye and plus the razer mako isnt a surround sound set.
  8. MEgamer, the sub is placed on the top of a wood stand, so when I put musics like A Millie - Lil Wayne or Rykketid - Trentemøller it sounds like. . .how can I describe. . .farting haha
    If I put some weight on the top of the sub, it sounds just perfect. . .just as laying directly on the ground, but my maid would destroy those cat5 cables :(

    I've tried to put the sub on my desk, but didn't really like the acoustics. I'll post some pictures so I can explain better.
  9. mm maybe the wood stand cannot withdstand fast vibration... i know what u mean byt hat, i know -a milli- has deep continuous basslines so ye..

    how about just place it on the floor in a corner? and tie up does cables so that they become shorter, so thet ur maid has a lower chance of destoring the cables and knockcing tdown the speakers. you will get far much louder and deeper bass.
  10. You should post a picture of your situation. I would think if the wood stand is very solid it might help to put rubber feet on it to improve the contact with the floor.
  11. hey mates thanks a lot for your advices, been very helpful.
    MEgamer, my cables (all of them, not only the speakers set) are already tied and organized, and especially: away from the floor! otherwise my maid would just broom them away. but thanks anyway.

    I have good news: I've installed the xonar hdav 1.3 and well, I must say problem is solved!
    The sub became much more powerful and punchy, so I can keep it near the wall (but not near the corner) with perfect sound!- like I can feel it, but dont know where it is coming from. :)
    A millie plays way louder and the sub keeps up without effort, Take Five - Dave Brubeck almost made me cry, just incredible!
    I cant even try to describle how better it is now with a dedicated sound card (even through I keep in HIFI mode, didnt try to EQ it yet).

    I'll chose MEgamer as best answer because he was more active in this thread, but you all have been very helpful!
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  13. ahh.. ta mate.
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