Bios Upgrade - Is this all I need?

Now I've never wanted to upgrade my bios before. It's risky and therefore I've never done it before but as Ivy Bridge is coming out soon, I've pretty much got no choice on flashing the bios. Either that or a new motherboard.
So, because I've never done it before, I need some answers.
I'm planning on using a USB. I configured it to a FAT32 format.
Then I added into the USB:
The .exe file (The AMI one)
The patch file (Mine's in ROM format)
The windows application batch file

It that all I need for the bios upgrade?
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  1. OK, are u getting Ivy Bridge?

    If not, no need to do that : ))
  2. BTW, it sounds right, that preparation of yours.
  3. Honestly it I wasn't getting an ivy bridge, I wouldn't have asked...
  4. Well, u got time till June tho...
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