Psu went kaboom! Need some thoughts on my rebuild idea.

Life through me a curve ball and the planned upgrade I was going to do has changed due to the fact that the rig I have been running for the last 3-4 months had has had a massive psu failure :pfff: . The thing took out the mobo and damaged the proc, my question is what parts should I to get to replace what I've lost and get a slightly better result?

What I had been running,

Phenom II x2 555 w/Xigmatek Loki cooler
Msi 880gm-e41
G-skill DDDR3 1333 2x2 gigs
HIS Stock model Radeon HD 6850
Corsair builders series 500w

I was thinking that I would update the proc to a four core and a better graphics card and psu. Here's what I was looking at,

Athlon II x4 640

Asus 760 Am3 mobo

Asus Custom cooler 6870

I have a budget of 450usd (depends on what I get for a few things I have on ebay) or so to rebuild this rig and I still need a quality psu and would gladly take any suggestions on the other parts as well.

Thanks in advance

On a side note corsair is sending me a new psu but I don't really want to use it, is my model fairly reliable? Was this likely a one time thing?
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  1. The Corsair builder series is not something I would ever recommend, unless there were no other options.
    I don't know what caused your power supply to explode, but it could have just been bad luck.

    This is the cheapest thing on newegg that I would buy to power a 6870:
    Antec Earthwatts Green EA-500D 80Plus Bronze $60
    This doesn't come with a power cord, but you could easily use the one from the now non-functioning Corsair.

    These two are higher end options if you have more money:
    Antec Truepower New TPN-650 80Plus Bronze Modular $80

    XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze Modular $95 ($30 rebate)

    This one hasn't been tested yet so far, but I have confidence that it is in fact a good unit:
    Antec Earthwatts Green EA-650 80Plus Bronze $65
    Again, doesn't come with a power cord.

    I wouldn't use what Corsair is sending you unless it turns out to be something from a more high quality range, like the TXV2 range, which, unfortunately is unlikely to be the case.

    Your other choices look solid.
    I would consider this graphics card as it is $15 cheaper after rebate, has a good fan on it and has slightly higher core and memory clocks:
    PowerColor PCS+ AX6870 1GBD5-PP2DHGJ Radeon HD 6870 $220 ($30 rebate)
    However the Asus probably overclocks better, so if that was your plan then maybe it makes sense to stick with the Asus.
  2. Did you try to unlock that CPU into a quad? I have the same CPU and it's a quad now.

    The new mobo has older chipsets, what's wrong with your current one?

    The 6870 is only slightly faster then the 6850 no need to buy that. You can overclock the 6850 to the 6870 level.
  3. mosox said:
    Did you try to unlock that CPU into a quad? I have the same CPU and it's a quad now.

    The new mobo has older chipsets, what's wrong with your current one?

    The 6870 is only slightly faster then the 6850 no need to buy that. You can overclock the 6850 to the 6870 level.

    My mobo and proc died cause of the psu failure. And the reason I am getting the 6870 is that is has non ref cooler which should allow me get the card to near the level of a 6950.
  4. Are you sure the CPU and mobo are dead? That's not very usual.
  5. I'm not entirely sure what your budget will be after the other parts, but here's two suggestions for a new PSU:

    Seasonic SS-560KM

    May be a little expensive, but having a quality PSU is paramount in any build. If you are going to be using a more powerful graphics card, or multiple graphics cards, this would probably be better:

    Seasonic X-850
  6. Although it is not unusual for a power supply blowing up to damage the motherboard I have never known it to damage the processor. Don’t throw the processor away give it to me or another good cause.
  7. Could it be that because the board I used to test it was a rather old am2+ board that's why the proc isn't recognized? I mean I am not getting a beep code or anything. since i live in california the upside if I don't get a proc and then my proc is dead all I will have to do order one it's basically next day shipping for me.
  8. In order to hear beeps you need a case or motherboard speaker. It looks like this and you can find it at any PC shop.
    Grab one, get some thermal paste and and then try the CPU with both your mobos on a table. So, the PSU, the mobo and the CPU. You can power on by touching the power sw 2 pins with a screwdriver or by putting the case next to the mobo and using the case power button as you see in the pics below
  9. I simply used the speaker already in the case of my old build for the test, before I took my old system down it worked fine. So because I heard no beeps it likely means that the mobo I used to test the cpu was likely also dead (wouldn't surprise me at all), I suppose that means I'll just get a graphics card mobo and psu and hope that the proc is working. Judging from your guys responses I likely jumped the gun thinking the cpu was dead. :lol:
  10. The reason that the processors are not normally destroyed when the power supply goes faulty is that there are regulators on the motherboard that converts the power supply voltages to the required processor voltages thus buffering the processor from power supply faults.
  11. So what I ended up getting was this,

    Msi Twin Frozr Radeon HD 6870 Open box $199

    ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G Open box $75

    Antec EarthWatts EA-650 GREEN 650W $65
    (Was unrated when I bought it an hour ago now there are 7 reviews with 2 DOA units, got me worried all over again)

    $339+Shipping&tax= $380-$25(newegg gift card)=$355

    I hope the two DOA psu reviews were flukes hopefully antec is a good brand. Keep your fingers crossed that the cpu still works and I won't have any issues with the bios unlocking the cores on this mobo like I did with the msi one. I will choose a best answer and post a follow up once the parts come in (likely tuesday) and my rig is back up and running.
  12. Most likely it will be shipping damage, rather than quality control or anything wrong with the design.
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