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Giving you guys a little background on myself, I have been in the military for four years. finishing up my second tour in Iraq. It has been a learning experience as far as culture goes but technology wise a couple of years behind the curve to say the least. My last build is has held up pretty good for three, well the processor has. A Intel core 2 E6600 oced to 3.4ghz. But with newer games comes the need to upgrade. I have been looking at the Intel i7 2600, I'm liking the reviews on the processor but I am having trouble finding a motherboard. Also I am looking at a new video card haven't seen anything that has caught my eye yet, I'm still looking though but me being behind in the new features and specs its difficult to do. I will be looking at cases and other hardware but I want to pick my processor and motherboard first and then build around that.

Thanks for you help
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  1. Josh,

    I know didly about building a PC, I'm here for help too. I read your post and wanted to tell you thanks for your service to this country.


    "Death From Above" Go Airborne..........
  2. I think an Asus P8P67-M PRO would fit nicely...
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