Recomend next upgrade please

Hi wondring if any one can help me decide on my next upgrade specs so far are:-
mother board- foxconn am74ml-k
cpu- AMD 7550 duel core 2.4 g
ram- 3gb ddr 2 800 mhz
hdd- 200gb
PSU- 600 watt cit
GPU- nvidea 8800 gtx
Case- thermaltake xaser 111 (old i know but still suits my purpose)
OS- win xp sp3

Where should i go next please? im very happy so far but allways looking to upgrade so what should be my next purchase in your oppinion?
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  1. Btw i have a budget of about £100 New os or CPU or? i cant decide. Thanks
  2. Is that an AM2+ board? Get a Phenom II x4 940 if you can.
  3. hi yes it is a am2+ board it also states it has am3 support ive looked on the cpu support list at foxconn it doesnt show that cpu but it does show a phenom II x4 x945 would that be ok?
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