I need help. Is my video card dead?

I'm not sure if my 1-year-old GTS 250 is dead; hopefully someone can tell me if it really is or not.

Sequence of events (recent):
-Took it out of slot to organize wires and put it back.
-Tried to play games (GTAIV, Bad Company 2, Resident Evil 5) and all of them ended in a 'stopped working' event.
-Got a blue screen saying check for graphics drivers.
-Updated the drivers from 260 to 266.
-Turned off my comp.
-Turned it on, but my monitor says 'No signal.' However, everything else is good and I can even hear the Win7 welcome sound. Even the fan on the card is on.
-Turned it off.
-Refitted the card into place. Made sure the power was connected to it.
-Same thing.
-Tried my system with an older card (8600GTS) and it works. Haven't gotten a blue screen.

Other info:
Over the past few days I overclocked my CPU from 2.9 to 3.2 but made sure not to mess around with GPU settings.
I got 2 or 3 'Display Driver has stopped working' windows today.

So what's up with my system? Or what can I do to check for the root of the problem?
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  1. If your 8600gts worked straight away and nothing from the GTS250 on the same drivers it really looks like your GTS250 just died.
  2. aw man, i tried it again, and also with another power connector. nothing. i guess it is dead then.

    i hate to spend my money T_T but what's a good replacement nowadays? 5770HD? ...
  3. The 5770 is good, but if you want to see a bigger improvement, you could go with a HD6850 or a GTX 460 IMO.
  4. What brand was your GTS250? Many have more than a years warranty.
  5. ^ Good point.
    Even if the card was several years old, there's no harm in calling whoever handles the warranty.
  6. BFG... I was reading up, and I saw that the 10-year warranty is only active if I register the card within 30 days of purchase. Never did : / Can u guys confirm on this rule?
  7. BFG no luck they are gone bankrupt and no support!
  8. T_T this is really bad luck, and this just happened recently, didnt it...
  9. Last year some time!
  10. Mannn, waste of $150 on my end.

    Thanks though for the info here.
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