My Intel DG31PR is not showing display with pentium D cpu


I bought a new Intel DG31PR motherboard and I ve Intel Pentium D 925 3.0Ghz CPU.When I first assembled then I turned it on. It easily turned on.It showed Bios and I entered in Bios. After some time I save settings in cmos and restart it but after restart it is showing any display on monitor. Also the CPU heatsink fan is running and motherboard led is on. I feared that wats da problem with new Motherboard. i used that Pentium D 925 CPU on another MOB which is Biostar 945GC micro 775 and is working fine in dat motherboard but I want to ask that is there compatibily issue of CPU with that DG31PR or the board is faulty
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  1. According to Intel, your board doesn't support a D925.

    Bite the bullet and get yourself a nice little E series off ebay, will blow away your D.
  2. Unfortunately, the Intel® DG31PR doesn't support the older Intel Pentium® D processors. The last chipset that supported the Intel Pentium D 925 would have been a G965, P965 or Q965 chipset based board. So you have to find an older board or it is time to upgrade.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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