Hi all im having problems playing my crysis. everytime i start up the game my whole system restarts. can you please tell me a few possible reasons? other than that i do not have any problems with my computer. im running a Q9450, 4gb of ram,graphics card is ati xfx 5750 1gb ddr5 motherboard is ep35-ds3. Please help
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  1. Can you tell us what power supply do you have? Also, using a utility like speedfan or something similar, can you tell us your system temperatures?
  2. Hi am using a Gx 750W coolermaster and system temp is 49degrees and cpu temp is 35 degrees
  3. Is this the original copy of crysis??
  4. Yes it is
  5. Is it possible that ive not played my games for quite a while that causes this?
  6. have you checked your drivers??
  7. As in? Update them?
  8. Assuming all the hardware is good, this problem basically has three causes:
    Inadequate power supply. Try a better PSU of 500 - 550 watts. That's all a 5750 needs. And because you have a CoolerMaster PSU, finding a better one shouldn't be hard.

    Thermal problems. Monitoring this will be kind of difficult. After the system crashes, it is going to cool down very quickly.

    Driver problems. Update the drivers.
  9. Thank you sir! Will try updating the drivers first!!
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