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6850 Color Issues

Hey all!

I've been having issues with my 6850 since I got it. I had an nVidia card before and made sure all the software and drivers were removed from my system before installing the AMD card. My complete system specs are in my signature in case you need to know. Basically, what happens is that when I open a folder of video files (I'm a videographer) and the files are in thumbnail view, the colors on the screen distort. It doesn't happen often, maybe once every week or two, and changing a random setting (resolution, color-depth, etc) fixes it. I tend to think that it may be a driver issue because taking a screen shot of it does not show the distortion. I had to use a camera to take a picture of it. If anyone can help me eliminate this issue or has any idea what is truly causing it, I would be extremely grateful!

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    Were you sure no driver remained/pieces after uninstalled, was registry cleaned ?
    If yes, try removing the driver, then re install latest, if nothing still, i guess a windows clean install will do.
  2. I ran Driver Sweeper again and found a couple registry entries remaining, so I did another sweep. Hopefully, that'll fix the issue. Thanks.
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