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Hey guys let me start by saying I have the plans for my build to basically finish it off for a while and start concentrating on other things. Currently I am running

amd x4 970 oc to 3850 mhz
4gb ddr2 at 1066 dual channel
A m4 board non compatible with amd's x6 140 watt cpus.
XFX 6970 oc'd.
1 23 inch 1920x1080 native montior.

Now this is what I plan to do to.

AMD x6 1100T hexacore CPU oc'd to around 4 ghz,
Cpu cooler to make it happen.
8-16 gbs of ddr 3 ram oc'd to 2000 mhz
ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 motherboard
2x XFX 6970s (2 total for 4gbs)
Antec Lanboy air Blue Black / Blue Computer Modular Case
Around a 160 gb SSD for my core games and OS.
1 more Acer 23 1920x1080 monitor - 26 inch middle monitor supporting 2500+ screen rez.

Will this system handle anything I throw at you think? I know I am probably guaranteed a 70% chance of people coming here telling me to get nvidia and sandy bridge and core o7 rocks but honestly I think this rig will do just fine for almost half the price of a core i7 rig. I need a good link to some memory that can be ran at 2000 mhz in dual channel mode. Also, with crossfire and games running across 3 screens, will a bigger monitor in the middle of my setup throw off the screen sizes for games? Should I keep them all the same size? The motherboard also supports another slot for a 3rd video card but if I use 3 lanes I believe I am getting 1 16x and 2 8x which I am not sure is worth it since when using 2 cards in crossfire they are running at 16x each lane.

Does this sound like a great rig somone could be proud of? Is this diablo 3 worthy, battlefield 3 worthy and crysis 2 worthy? Keep in mind I will be running games across all three screens in very high resolutions. I already have the 1 video card and the 6970 is fairly new and still powerful for a single gpu card, so doing crossfire should tear anything apart I try to play, I think..?
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  1. A i5-2500(K) will perform much better than the Phenom 1100t for the same price.

    Memory speeds above about 1600 won't give a bi difference over a better CPU or GPU or just more memory.

    For multiscreen I would advise making sure each screen runs at the same vertical resolution to make it easier running eyefinity.

    Running cards in x8 won't affect them very much
  2. Should I go 2500k or is the 2600k faster and better for the buck? Is there a sexy evga 1155 socket motherboard for the 2500 or 2600k? I hate these ordinary looking motherboards.
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