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Ok so here is my problem. Randomly I will get artifacts while playing games. Sometimes my display driver will crash, and if it doesn't recover my comp will simply shut down. Its happening enough to where its a problem. Now, I believe it to either be my powercord, or simply 6870's current lack of stable drivers. My power cord is rated at 10 amps, but my powersupply's input current goes up to 11 amps. Could this be causing the issues? I also kind of think it has something to do with having a 120hz monitor, as the issues seem to be less apparent in 60hz mode.(But certainly not nonexistant) Please help, thanks~

Specs: phenom955 and HIS 6870, both stock clocks, 8gb of gskill ddr3, asus mobo, w7 64, and a samsung 2233 120hz monitor

Link to my power supply:
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  1. It is a new pc?
    If yes, remove all current driver, clean registry, then re install latest driver.
    I don' think its the monitor, but install its drivers.. Btw, the psu is just fine. Will handle everything unless sli, doubt.
  2. I did all of that, still getting the issues, also ran furmark and prime95, I didnt crash but I did sometimes get this error in 2 of my cores in prime95: FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
    after that error the worker stressing that CPU stopped. Could this somehow be the issue?
    Would simply reformatting my drive do any good maybe?
  3. yes that error means your cpu is not stable, did u overclock your cpu? if yes then reset it to stock and try it, if still having the same problem then manually increase the core voltage in bios, if still having the same problem, then try removing 2 sticks of ram and vise versa until you get it stable.

    if still having the same problem in prime95 post the error you get.
  4. I haven't OCed my cpu, and ill definitely check out the ram. If that doesn't work should I try upping the voltage even though I haven't OCed?
  5. before you do that, try the ram first and run the test again, if it doesn't work then i'll walk you step by step on how to do that.
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