Homebuilt PC been OK for a year but now ...

Hey all,

I hope you can help. I have homebuilt system that I've had for about 2 years now, however I've had a few issues over time!

Since having it I've had an intermittent problem in that sometimes when turning the PC on the screen is blank and there are no beeps - I have to use the BIOS reset jumper and restart - it is then OK - I've replaced the battery.
Another intermittent problem that has getting worse over time is that sometimes the PC won't boot from the disk (saying the disk is not accessible) - I have to remove and replace the SATA cable for this to get resolved. I've replaced the hard disk (tried IDE and SATA)

The current blocking issue is that when using Windows (7) I am working away and hear the disk click as if it is stopping and then it whirs up again repeatedly. However, I can't do anything in Windows apart from move the mouse. I have to hold down the power switch.

I have replaced the following:
- memory
- hard disk
- SATA and power cables

I've also booted with the bare minimum of hardware in at the same problem occurs. Running PC-Check V6 reveals no issues.

In fact, the only things I've not replaced is the case and the motherboard! Does this sound like it could be a motherboard issue?

The MB is a Gigabyte P31-S3L.

Any advice would be helpful please!

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  1. What's the BIOS battery voltage? You can check with this (VBAT)
  2. If you're having issues with onboard stuff, it is most likely the motherboard. If it's still under warranty you should be able to RMA it.
  3. Firstly, thanks to both of you for replying :-)

    mosox - the VBAT value is 3.33 V

    boiler1990 - I guess I want to be sure before shelling out for a new MB as it is well out of warranty. I think the one I have is obsolete now so I'd also have to find a suitable replacement!
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