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I am currently using a Apple Macintosh G4 with two 19" crt monitors. I also have a newer Intel MacBook Pro, but I still do all my graphics work on the G4 due to the cost of upgrading all my graphics software and peripherals to the MacBook. I may parlay some of the more intense graphics work to the MacBook Pro in the future.

The G4 can support up to two digital displays of 1920 x 1200 each. The MacBook Pro can support a single external display of up to 2560 x 1600. I am looking to purchase one or several identical lcd displays which can be used on both the G4 and the MacBook Pro. The lcd would have to work with Mac Os 10.4 on the G4 and 10.5 on the MacBook Pro.

Most of the graphics I will be working with would be uploaded to a 3rd party in srgb format so I need a lcd that can provide an excellent native or emulated srgb gambit. I am looking for a panel that can be hardware calibrated with an external device to ensure color accuracy between what I see on my screen and what the 3rd party will print.
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  1. What is your price range? And what video ports does your Mac have?
  2. SPECS:

    The G4 specs are here:

    According to the information listed for a second monitor:

    "Apple reports that the NVIDIA GeForce4 MX is capable of simultaneously supporting dual displays (one using the ADC port and another using the DVI port -- DVI to VGA adaptor also included). 1920x1200 maximum for digital displays and 1600x1200 maximum for analog."

    Not really sure if it would be technically "correct" to connect two higher end lcds (10 bit, internal LUT, etc...) to this computer because one lcd would have to be connected through the dvi port via a vga adapter - so wouldn't bit information be lost in the process?

    The MacBook Pro specs are here:

    According to this model's port specs it has one Apple Mini DisplayPort to connect an external monitor. I am sure there are adaptors available, but the real question is would there be any loss of graphics information using such adaptors.


    Probably looking at adding a single lcd to the g4 and later moving it to the MacBook Pro OR ideally buying two identical lcd's and placing one on each. I realise the MacBook Pro is likely to be a lot faster, but upgrading my software will cost thousands (and some of it is not replaceable). Probably some of the graphics work will need to stay on the G4 anyway because of various peripherals (scanners, etc...) that will not run on the Intel Mac and/or can't be replaced.

    I'd be willing to pay more $ for a better monitor, but the question is what to get. I've read reviews for $2,000 NEC wide gambit monitors only to find their srgb emmulation is bad. I'd like to keep it at $1,000 or less per monitor, but would spend more, but certainly a $5,000 “studio” would be way to much.
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