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I am running a Belkin Wireless N router. My desktop that is still using Vista is connected wireless right now. My laptop that I just upgraded will pick up every other wireless router in the apartment building but mine. The laptop was running on this wireless connection before the updrade. Can someone please help?
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  1. I've seen this before on a couple of my systems. Waiting a few minutes will usually allow the wireless radio to pick up your router, but if not... reboot the machine. If that doesn't work, uninstall the wireless driver from the device manager and reboot. Once the driver is reinstalled, your router should be seen by the laptop.
  2. I have done all of this and as I read your response, I did it again. Do you maybe have any other suggestions?
  3. Install inSSIDer and check what channels other local routers are running and find a quiet spot. Manually set your wifi to that channel and hopefully that will sort it out. had the same proble here and found i was in a crowded bit of spectrum.

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