Computer Used to, But will no Longer Start?

Motherboard: ASRock Extreme3 Gen3
CPU: i5-2500k
GPU: GTX 550
RAM: 4gb G.Skill

So, This is a recently built computer (2-3 weeks) and it was working fine before school, After school I noticed it was on the logon screen, So I guessed it had restarted itself. Although when I logged on it worked for about 5-6 seconds then failed and crashed. I suspected it did this because of my motherboard shorting with the case, this was happening when I first built the computer. But I checked the cardboard I used to hold the motherboard off the case and it's fine. Now, It will not start again, It's not the CPU. I Don't want to know whats causing the problem since I suspect most will say the Mobo, I just want to know how to troubleshoot the problem, so I know for sure.
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  1. Your case came with little brass standoffs to support the motherboard. You didn't install them?

    Look at Step 2.

    You do not need cardboard between the motherboard and the case.
  2. Very useless comment, Nothing to do with my problem. Thanks for the info but My case was cheap as hell and didn't come with them.
  3. You can take the MoBo out of the case and try to boot while on the carpet or a cardboard. Secondly, a shortcircuit that didn't kill the mobo can be undone by a BIOS reset; you can check the mobo manual or just pull the battery out for 30 seconds or so and then put it back on, hopefully that will fix the problem.
  4. When you say it will not start, you mean it runs continuously with no image or beep? It starts for a second then shuts down? Nothing happens at all when you try to power it on?

    This is what I usually do for troubleshooting:
    1. Remove anything that is not absolutely necessary for the motherboard to post. That means HDD/SSD, optical drives, excess RAM (keep 1 stick only), add-in cards and VGAs (since you have a z68 motherboard that can run on the CPU's video unit).

    2. Clear CMOS, as instructed on your motherboard manual. If you need more info on this just ask, I am assuming you know how to do it.

    3. Try to post.

    4. If it fails, try removing the memory altogether. The machine obviously won't post, but it should beep accordingly. If removing the memory doesn't make a difference, it means your motherboard is the problem. Not much to do other than RMA in this case.
    If, on the other hand, removing the memory causes the machine to beep, you should try different memory setups (change slots, amount of sticks and try different ones if possible).

    EDIT: Checking the cables is a given.
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