Just got my 800d and looking to fill it with tricks and treats!

Hello, im currently on a mission to upgrade my gaming rig which is currently a e8500, Asus Maximus 2 and geforce 260 216oc...all stock. I have some cash to light on fire so I'll be looking into a possible SB and my eyes have been oogling over this UD7 seems great and im going for looks as well as performance. Mobo gives me kind of a dead space feel which is pretty BA as shallow as that may sound whatevs..gamers can be choosers!...so yeah insight on that would be nice. Things to consider...plan on going evga gtx 580 superclocked and in near future to sli. Im looking to getting into OCing this will be my 3rd build not including helping friends with theirs. My concerns are if
I should hold off more for the x68 or just go wild with this and play these games now and hope future games like skyrim and bf3 will run silky smooth...Thanks guys pardon my english at work getting pumped about this build hiding from bosses...
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  1. $800? That's tight. What parts can you reuse (monitor, HDD, DVD, etc)?
  2. mosox...I think the 800d in the title refers to the Corsair Obsidian 800d case. I doubt he would max a $800 budget on a Mobo and GPU alone.

    I will venture a guess that your budget is upwards of $2000+ based on the case you bought and your mobo and gpu preference. So with that in mind, here is what I would get.

    -Why not have the best this generation has to offer?

    Prolimatech Megahalems
    -Someone else can suggest fans. The one that came with my 212+ is quiet enough for me :)

    G.Skill Sniper 8GB DDR3 1600
    -Nice tight timings. I'm not a fan of the looks, but you might be.

    Corsair AX850 PSU
    -Should push 2 GTX580s and have room for OCing, but if not, try the
    Corsair AX1200

    Intel 510 120GB SSD
    -For OS and programs

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD
    -For everything else

    Now, that's what I would get if I had the cash to blow, but I just built a $1000 2500k/HD 6950 rig that plays everything maxed and should be good for BF3. (If not, another 6950 will be added.)

    Happy building!
  3. haha nice right after i put my order in for newegg i got your reply...not bad...what i ended puting in the corsair 800d..the i7 2600k, GA p67a-ud7 (b3), the fan part got tricky for me because i see the Noctua nh-d14 being number one everywhere but i was concerned with it taking over the entire inside of the case...so i sort of went for looks as well as performance and decided on trying the corsair h60 because i dig the square style and the h50,h70 seem to be able to overclock these new cpus that dont tend to need the super towers..like the noctua and thermaltake and what have you.i think the hydro cooler goes awesome with the black gold mobo which looks so amazing...and then onto the ram which also stumped me...i never actually overclocked before so it is still alot to take in but im looking to get my feet wet...so i was deciding on either the gskill or the corsair gt..wasnt sure what to do becasuse some not all are combatible with the p67 so i went with the ones that were "designed for p67 boards...the vegeance 8gb(2x4) with 1866mhz...hopefully that was a good decison..like i said this area im foggy with even after researching..i hope to master it though..and i chose evga superclocked gtx 580 with plans to sli making use if the nf200 chip this board has. so maybe ill be ready when bf3,skyrim and what not hit stores. so yeah not much made it over from my previous build except my two wd veloceraptor(typo) 10,000rpm 150gb and 300gb and my pc power and cooling 750w psu..everything else is up to part g19 keyboard g500 mouse z-5500 speakers(so amazing) and my trusty mouse pad thats lasted through the ages...tell me what you think and if i should change to SSD or wait till cheaper and maybe up my PSU or will it be ok. thanks for the response i apprecite it and i hope my stuff comes in in working order.....can it run crysis??? ha thanks again guys sorry for the story spent a lot of money today looking for reassurance :)
  4. I am definitely jealous, lol. I am very happy with my 2500k/6950 setup though :). I see a Corsair theme here, haha. I don't think you can go wrong with them. It seems that everything they do, they do it well.

    I don't know a lot about overclocking ram, and in fact bought some that I don't think I can overclock. What's the stock timing and voltage on the set you bought? Increased speed means increased voltage, so if the sticks are already at 1.65v, then there is no room to overclock. However, you should be able to get better timings at a slightly lower speed.

    The H50/60/70 coolers are good, but I don't believe they are better than premium (tower) air coolers. The H60s biggest advantage, as you point out, is it's space-saving design, and it will work well with the tall headspreaders on your ram. That whole systems is going to look BA, that's for sure!

    As far as your PSU is concerned, I believe it is a quality brand, but I don't think it will be able to power 2 580s in SLI. Does it have enough PCI-E power connectors for two cards?

    If I was building a system with your specs, I definetly would have pulled the trigger on an SSD. If you have to have one, I'd go with the Intel 510 or Crucial C300. I know neither is as fast as the Sandforce-based SATA 6.0Gb/s drives that are coming out soon, but you more than likely won't notice a difference in actual usage.

    I'm rocking a G110 keyboard and MX518 (I think) mouse and love 'em. Can't afford the Z-5500, but I do have a cheaper Logitech 5.1 setup that still sounds great.
  5. Yeah this is the ram i decided to go with...if it is overclockable that would be sweet. 1.5v 1866 MHz. If Anyone could do a ram 101 with me that would be awesome...and also I should mention I need a suggestion for a rom drive because I realized the one from previous rig is IDE ribbon and now sata is available any ideas...and in regards to the ssd, my wd velociraptor 10,000 rpm drives were going to be reformatted for my main a and slave but if you could explain how I could get the 120 SSD to run my OS and beagle to install and run on second larger drive that would be nice.. 120gb would fill up with like 3 of my oodles of games I Plan to play..is that a raid thing because I never dabbled in that either..thanks for the response...
  6. Any cheap SATA DVD burner will work. I have a Lite-On that was $18 through the Egg with free shipping. It's an OEM, so that means no cable came with it, but you'll have enough bundled with your motherboard. Anandtech has a thread for making an SSD an OS/Program only drive. I think it's in my fav's on my laptop (I'm at work right now). Also, most manufacturer's forums *should* contain similar info. I know OCZ's did when I was researching a Vertex 2. Don't think you can raid your raptor's because they are two differenct capacities. But then again, I've never dabbled in raid.
  7. Well if the ssd drives are good looks like I may get into this new tech..does it install and load alot faster and what not...should I have like my main games running off it and have like sniper 2 and bejeweled on the hdd..(jokes) ha but yeah looks like I may have to make a quick addon order ..a Sata Rom drive and a SSd...any suggestions on which is the best most reliable ...probably 120ish range and I wonder if I have anything else I should addon on...hmmm am I missing something perhaps. Thanks for the quick response I appreciate it!
  8. I'm not the guy to ask about SSDs, but I was going to go with an Intel X25-M. I think Intel's quality control is probably the best. The X25 is Sata II, while their 510 is Sata III. Like I said before, they don't use Sandforce controllers so they aren't the absolute fastest, but you won't be able to tell the difference between them and say an OCZ Vertex 3.

    Intel X25-M 120GB SATA II (currently out of stock) $200 after rebate

    Intel 510 120GB SATA III $315

    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SATA III (Hands down the fastest SATA III SSD, but currently out of stock) $300

    Crucial C300 128GB SATA III $255

    Corsair Performance 3 128GB SATA III $315
  9. Well got the rig running and boy I tell you...first time ocing and I got the i72600k SB to 4.5 runs about 20c idle... H60 cooler looks amazing with gigabyte's UD7 board...so yeah just letting you know up and running ended up reformatting the velociraptor 150gb and after updating all drivers installed crysis2 bfbc2 mafia 2 and left for dead...yadayada ...pretty flawless. Now what's next...upgrade fans? Add fans? Vertex 3 ...lol
  10. Well if you're 20C @4.5Ghz, I'd say your fans are adequate. What about under load though? The only reason I would upgrade the fans would be to reduce noise.

    Did you mess around with your RAM timings/freq at all?

    Hmmm...what to do next? Vertex 3 and a 2560x1600 moniter!
  11. Went to my bios and enabled xmb profile to 1866 which is what re ram I got is ...should I get Dom gt or stick with vengeance ddr3 1866 8gb
  12. any improvement over what you have now (vengeance 1866) would go unnoticed unless you do benchmarking. even doubling the amount at this time if your main reason for this beast is gaming is ill-advised. if you are doing lots of video editing or running several VMs it will make a difference. but even 4GB of ram is good for gaming.

    the only thing i would do at this time is what i wrote in my previous reply. add a vertex 3 to the mix. but they are sold out on newegg and amazon. you can order on amazon, they estimate shipping at 1 to 2 months out.

    hmmm...how about a 2nd 580? get that up and running, then get 3 of these and one of these for 5760x1080 3D Surround gaming!
  13. Which psu do you recommend..I'd like to get the corsair 1200w right now I'm using a pc power and cooling 750w red box...but I'd like to upgrade...seasonic...or silverstone...not sure..and also id like to put some more fans in what are some good ones to install for best air cooling...keep in mind I'm using corsair h60 for CPU coooling...got a couple bsod 0x124 errors trying to correct this issue maybe more power?
  14. it could be your psu, but pcp&c has a good rep. did you get a bsod before you changed your ram setting? a 750w should be plenty for your current setup. how are your temps under load? download speedfan and run a stress test prime95 or furmark should be good. get memtest86+ and test each stick in each slot...that could be causing it. maybe you need a slight voltage bump for those stick to be stable at that speed. i don't know. 1000w would be good for a system overclock with two 580s. like i said before, you can't really go wrong with corsair and that 1200w would continue the theme...

  15. after leaving it on all while at work what is normal
  16. hmmm....yeah....temps look good all around. check the ram with memtest86+. if there's an error, it should come up very quickly. try all configurations. it's a bit tedious...
  17. I'd check out recent benchmarks of SLI'd GTX560s before springing for a single GTX580....
  18. The spring has sprung gtx 580 inside case...now looking for ssd and psu upgrade
  19. xrecoilxjustinx said:
    The spring has sprung gtx 580 inside case...now looking for ssd and psu upgrade

    saw yesterday that some 120GB vertex 3s were in stock on newegg. for about an hour. lol ($300)

    you can't go wrong with a 120GB intel 510 ($285)

    both are sata III. read speeds have more of an impact that write. you only write a program to it once.
  20. yeah...i have been trying to look into the benefits of having an SSD drive..if you know of a place that can show/sell me...on the features...then ill pick one up...is it beneficial for a gamer enthusiast like myself. load times? installs? what does it all mean man!
  21. Booting into Windows, loading games, and installing programs will take noticeably less time. Your system will also 'feel' snappier.

    Did you get the BSOD issue sorted out yet?
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