HELP!! What Ram Should i Get?!?

Hi its been sometime since i posted, means another problem once again LOL...,

To cut my story short ,just read this first paragraph, for the question and below my story thanks alot in advance!! for some advice and the reply.

I need to buy new ram i have 3x2(6GB) ram and 2 sticks are broken and i am not sure if i should get a 4x2(8GB) pair or get the same 2x2(4GB) ram, Ram i am using is Cosair XMS 3 because firstly my chipset warrenty left 1 year so if i get these : in the furture if my chipset dies again i cannot RMA again and my 3x2(6GB) ram would be wasted if i were to change to LGA 1155 or LGA 2011 so should i go for like these: since they have free delivery and yes i live in Singapore and if anything spent less the $100 i would need pay extra $10 for delivery and here is the main thing is a 2x4(8GB) compatiable to my P6T Delxue V2?? if i get a dual channel ram then i would at least get prepared for my next upgrade if i buy the triple channel memory will i be able use them for like the LGA 1155 or 2011?

(Also side note for those asking why i dont RMA my ram well if i RMA my ram even though its still under warrenty i have to spend like $20 on cab fees to bring my ram to the shop & back home & when i collect back my ram after 2 weeks or so waiting i need spend another $20 thats like $40 wasted, might as well buy new ram since they cost $78+$10 delivery=$88 or $79 & i badly need to use my PC now 2gb ram cannot play my games well or render well and yes i do games testing and stuffs like that.)

Extra My Frustration Right Now:

I just recently RMA my PSU and GTX260 and got them back after 3 weeks since Nov 2011 & i decided to upgrade my VGA to 560ti got that for a good price. my 260 left 1 year warrenty so doesnt really matter and i am lagging on some games when i record or do videos so thought upgrading wont be so bad.

Later to make matters worst my Motherboard died the ram slots are unable to read 6GB now from triple channel becomes double and single soon after relaxing it really is broken i had RMA my motherboard as well, so RMA loan a P6T SE while i sent my P6T Delxue V2 and waited so long like 3 & half weeks finally got call say its ready for pick-up asked friend help me to take back the board yes he helped me the first time RMAing the board and then he was busy and didnt notify me at all and i got anxious as i needed my PC badly told him shop closing in 2 hours, then we sorta got into small argument both of us are wrong, firstly i was too worried about shop closing, 2ndly he never told me he was busy and he takes it as if he had to follow my time and etc. which makes me even mad that he thinks its my problem.

SO after that finally decided when i was free just go collect the board like last Sat and brought it back 7 weeks no PC kiddna relieved at this point. And NOOOOO, suddenly i on my PC it reads 2/6 GB dual/triple channel shown on CPUZ, later updated bios still same suddenly PC hanged crashed cannot on whole of Sunday tried everything replug everything i could do i did to no avail, bring back on Monday to the service shop for RMA tested 1 hour all fine RAM board cpu...ok brought back finally can turn on so happy worked well for 2 days and now cant turn on today, this morning.

Replugged everything tested PSU with paperclip all worked well no beep sound got lights, next took out ram run on works muti short beeps place back 1 by 1 stick test found out 2 sticks died. LOL, so at this point i am sadden by the fact problem after problem especially when you need use your PC for my music & work.
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  1. for staters the rams wont be uselss if you change to socket 2011/1155
  2. Just Get 2x4GB Sticks Of Cheap But Known Brand RAM, With A Balance Between The Lowest Latency And Highest Speed You Can Find, Triple Channels Show Very Little Performance Gain Over Dual-Channel (and Quad Over Dual In Most Situations Depending) It Wont Cost Much And Will Be Just As Good As Anything For The Average Or Even A heavy User.

    Im On An AMD Platform And Using Intel RAM, LOL But It Dosent Matter Except Its A Lower Voltage Than Your Average DDR3-1600 But I Chose Low Latency (7-10-10-12) And OCed It Slightly Running At Standard DDR3 Voltages And Didnt Need To Raise The Latency Values And Get Some Damn Snappy Performance.
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