ATI HD 6850- AvP

i bought new new ATI HD 6850 and when i play Aliens vs Predator, on highest detail, antialiasing 16x, game runs great, but sometimes there is a lag that takes 1 second, where might be problem ?
my pc:
CPU intel 2,33 GHz core 2 duo
ATI HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 (sapphire)
playing at 1680x1050
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  1. i forgot to say that i have windows XP. but there might be same problem
  2. @mayankleoboy1
    Is it true that Windows 64bits is more demanding than 32 bits ?
    I mean, if a game runs fine at 3 giga in Windows 32bits, it won't run fine with 3 giga in Windows 64bits, but 6 giga or so ...??
  3. have to buy new ram, so problem has not been solved, yet, but i ll upgrade my ram to 3GB and i hope games will go without any lags (until now i had problem just with AvP,other games were going perfectly on high settings)
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