Best Z68 Motherboard?

Hello community, so I'm probably going to build another machine.
Currently I have an Asus P8Z68 V Pro Gen 3 motherboard. I'm curious to know if there are any better motherboards out there.

I will most likely be using only 1 GPU.

I know the Asus supports PCI 3.0 and up to 32gb of ram.

Any Z68 boards that are better than that board?

This is what I expect to put on the machine

2xSSD in RAID 0
Probably an i7 2700k
>32GB of 2200MHZ ram if I can (G.Skill 64GB maybe)
A fully compatible 3.0 case (maybe a mid or a full case I haven't decided yet)

I'm looking for an ultra high end build..I don't have a specific use for the machine, I will most likely use it for some gaming but I do enjoy being able to flaunt my machine.

Please no flaming, I know people are going to say "you don't need this or that just use a 2500k you will get the same results"

Just curious to know what the best board is available now

On a side note....will I benefit more from an x79 board?
Edit to this last sentence: I don't think I'd benefit much from an X79 board as there isn't really any major difference in the boards for gaming..Not to mention the CPUs are like 3 times the price of the LGA1155 socket CPUs
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  1. the only mobos that support up to 64GB are teh socket 2011,and i recommend the 2600k instead of the 2700k cuz the 2700k aint that different from it and wont offer you more than it
    that being said the mobos are



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