HELP!! What Ram Should i Get?!? Advice Needed Here!!

Hi everyone and i am back from having more problems again...sighs,

I Dont really post much so pardon me, so to get started my problem will be posted for the 1st paragraph and my rant on the 2nd paragraph. Also Thanks in Advance to Replies and Some Advice!! You Dont Have to Read my Rant!!..

Firstly, i dont know what to do now as i have 2x2(4GB) ram died on me its a Cosair XMS 3 DDR3 i left 2GB 1 stick so the thing is my chipset warrenty is gone soon after 1 more year, and i dont want be spending extra on ram again if i upgrading in the furture or if my chipset dies should i buy this: for $88 SGD and yea i live in Singapore and its 78+10 for delivery, free delivery only for $100 or more. or should i get this: which has free delivery and costs $79 but is it comptatible for my P6T Delxue V2?
Thats the main question or what ram would you recommand from Video ??
Although i know quite a lot about PC but i just want be sure :) i dont want anymore problems from my PC especially lately with the problems i am getting.

My Long Story...*Sighs* the reason why i am posting to 200% make sure i dont buy the wrong ram. Starting from Nov 2011 i had my PSU broke down again 2nd time after i had it once RMA in 2010 less then a year and at same time the PC repair shop did a spot check on my PC and my 260GTX was dying along with it so decided to RMA together.
After that everything was back to normal i decided get an upgrade to 560 ti bcos my 260 couldnt handle me recording and playing alot of games dont get me wrong it can play games well but knowing it left 1 year warrenty and when recording and playing it lags real bad even if i optimize my grahpics i want it be able run at least medium range well & record at same time with no lags and i do like videos and game testing yes. So after that guess what next motherboard died after 3 weeks triple to dual channel to single channel tot it was just bugged friend also said might not be true the motherboard died so i took PC checked again yes mobo ram slot died. RMA it 3 weeks+ and got the call to pick up i had my friend drove me to repair shop during first trip now to pick up my motherboard and i was loan a P6T SE while i RMA mine P6T Delxue V2 during that 3weeks+ guess what had a small fight on chat with my friend, first him saying i need ppl foolow my time and the trouble blah blah and i was anxious to get the thing done told him shop was closing in 2 hours time he always wakes up in the afternoon so late and still on L4D2 i was pissed of told him quick i am ready ended up he started scolding me saying i am unreasonable and that he msg me eariler which i did not receive at all and i receive his first pm was aready 2.12pm shop closed at 5pm talk so long plus he needs time to get to my ending it he also never told me he was busy helping another friend fix his PC and he pressumes i know he is busy!! which is why we ending arguing thats what pissed me off he presume a lot of things..and ok nvm i waited till i was free its like 7 weeks by then which is last Sat the loan board at the time also spoilt read only single channel instead of triple. Ok i got back my P6T V2 so happen ;) went home WTF! :fou: i on it CPUZ reads dual channel not triple 2GB ram tot something wrong with board still or fail RMA or CPU or other problems isntalled latest BIOS still same, later suddenly PC hanged hard reboot, dont work cant on whole of Sun tried everything replug etc to no avail. BTW i did tests etc. so finally had no choice waited Monday for service shop to open went there myself took cab again ok cab to there back and forth my home costs $20+ so u could imagine i aready wasted 50 bucks for this problem, brought my CPU ram and mobo as they asked for they stressed test for an hour fine all fine read 6GB triple channel at this point i was like ok 560 TI is new from NOV. PSU just RMA got back on NOV cant be doesnt makes sense...went back home plugged all back maybe its just my bad luck even i replugged so many times on Sat & Sun still same ok worked! perfect!! for 2 days this morning Thrusday for me in singapore. Switch on cannot on OMGG at this point i am dead like my mind is dead i need use my PC for my music and game testing and stuffs. Having brain dead i was not mad anymore just speechless and just stayed clam replugged everything even tested PSU with paperclip to a fan theres power theres lights everything WHY!, finally took out ram tested it with no ram muti short beeps replied back as if were mircale from GOD lol..then tested 1 by 1 ram stick oh can turn on but turns out 2 ram sticks died i am just soooo unlucky 1 problem after another what can i say..
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  1. i am sorry for double post here forsome reason when i was posting this thread the server was lagging and said i didnt posted it at all but i cancel posting it then found it its double posted server lagged.
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