Is t possible a PSU could reduce frame rates?

swapped out an 850 watt NZXT on 4 rails that seemed to be going bad for a Corsair Enthusiast 750 Watt on 1 rail..

my Windows Performance Index has my vid card rating going down from a 7.4 to a 6.7 and i checked that cause i seemed a bit lower in frame rate in mmos

im running a Quad Core 9550 with 4 gigs of ram and 2x nvidia 9800 GTX+ cards.. id think that would be plenty of power.. could the rails have something to do with it?
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  1. I very much doubt it. As long as the cards are getting enough power, their performance shouldn't change.

    One rail has an advantage over multi-rail that you can't run out of power on one rail while having power left on another rail. It has the disadvantage that a short on that one rail can get ALL the power, and do more damage :)

    Have you changed anything else when you changed the power supply? Embarrassing question: did you remember to plug EVERYTHING back in? If you forgot, for example, to plug one of the graphics cards back in, you might get this result...
  2. Quote:
    One rail has an advantage over multi-rail that you can't run out of power on one rail while having power left on another rail.

    Really, how does that work?

    I would double check everything again. Card firmly seated, temps on CPU/GPU good, etc. If nothing else, reseat everything so you know its tight.
  3. Have you updated drivers since you last ran the WEI test? Or have you changed the 2D and 3D quality settings on the drivers? They can have a significant impact on performance.
  4. Yeah.. I had already the latest drivers before I put in PSU and had tested. I tried both older drivers and the ones I had with PSU to see also. I had quality settings the same too.. Both times set to let application decide.

    Also, GPU temps are even better than before... never over 56 degrees (would get to 64 sometimes before although not worried about that)

    I noticed that one of the power plugs could be put in a bit tigher. did that but hadnt tested again. I will try later on.

    If that does not work, I will try reseating.. I had reseated before I pluged all in... hmm.. hope i didnt damage card while reseating (bit hard to see where plugging in since between it is case and network card. I was working on carpet, but was using grounding strap, touching case constantly, and those cards have so much junk around the actually card, you never touch it.

    Btw, it was my first time putting in a psu. How does this look at far as tying down the cords?

  5. whats the rating with only one card
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