What is wrong with my computer

ok got into ffxiv was on for like 3 min green screened restarted got back to playing not 2 min later it blue screened whats going on.
is there a test i can run to find the problem? well its not a true blue screen its just like the green screen only blue its not the error type its just either blue or green with lines going down and a noise coming out of the speakers or headset.

cpu and gpu temps are fine and i always have the latest ati drivers. i dont know what else to do it only does it once in a wile i can go a week or to other times it will do it once a day

asus g73 jh---best buy 1600x900 ati 5870---i7 740 model
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  1. ooo cool i found a pic its just like this only sometimes green some times blue

  2. all this time and all them views and no ancer?? it cant be a blown card since it only does it on ffxiv and only a few times.
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