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I don't know which to pick

Here's my current computer info

I bought a Dell computer 3 years ago. i7-920/4GB ram(4 1GB pieces)/ATI4850/Bad-case. 1 year ago I was planning on getting a new Vid-card so I purchase an Antec NEW TP750 PSU, so that's good. ohh, and 19x10 rez

I finally don't have to spend nearly all my tax returns on bills, so I got $500 to spend on whatever. I have two upgrades I have priced in that range from NewEgg

1) ATI 6970

Both builds include CORSAIR XMS3 6GB and my Battlefield Bad Company Vietnam upgrade. Both ways come out also exactly the same because the price diff between 6870 and 6970 = 932 HAF. My memory upgrade also allows me to put my old memory into my wife's comp to get her up to 6GB also.

I have a dilemma.

My Dell case sucks horribly. It has one exhaust fan by the CPU, a CPU fan, fan on the GPU, and PSU fan is idle so it doesn't really count. The video card is a 1 slot card which is about 1 inch from the bottom of the case. The GPU fan literally just mixes the hot air sandwiched between the bottom of the case and the video card. My 4850 runs 105c under load.

I'm concerned the hotter running 6970 may not like that... buuuutt.. Both the 6870 and 6970 are two slots and exhaust air our the back, so it doesn't just mix the air around like my 4850 does. I'm assuming they should actually run decently cooler, but I'm not sure how much.. :*(

My GPU idles 60c and my CPU idles 45c. A new case would be nice, but my CPU only peaks at ~72c which is well under the ~100c limit.

Also, I did put my brother's 5870 in my case just to see how it fits and his 2 slot card has about 1/2 and inch of clearance, so I know it "fits"

I know cooler running cards are good, but as long as my parts run ~15c under the max safe thresh hold, I'm not worried.

Please leave thoughts or personal experiences.

Thanks :-)

P.S. Almost out of debt!! One more tax season from clearing my car-load/medical/CC debt, then I just have student loans left :p It's amazing how much debt you can accumulate when making $200/month while going to school and your wife is out of work sick and going to the hospital a lot.
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    Ok, first off, the CPU should NOT be at 72c. Processors and graphics cards have a very different thermal limit and you're dangerously close to needing to buy a whole new computer.

    Rather than spending that much more on a case, get something that suits your needs.

    This'll allow you to purchase an HD6950, which is better suited towards your higher resolution. You can also look into unlocking the 6950 to a 6970.
  2. To be honest I think that you need a new case more than any thing else first. If you are stuck with it then you should go without the side panel unless you have kids and or pets in the house. You can mod the case to be able to add a fan but you need tools to do that job.
  3. Intel i7's are rated to operate up to 100c

    GPU were rated up to 110c, but I think the current 6k series are only rated up to 100c

    Last I checked on the 6950 vs 70, there was a $40 diff, now I see it's more like $90.

    I completely forgot to check on the 6950, Thanks :-)
  4. Just because it says you can run it doesn't mean you should. Optimally CPU temps are best kept under 70'c.

    A better case is definitely necessary though.
  5. I think I'm going with the Antec Nine Hundred, with XFX 6950 and my memory.

    Awesome :-)
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