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Ramdisk appilication

greetings all
think about some projects. A bit ago I asked if I should upgrade from 8 to 16g of ram since ram is so cheap and the general concensus was that there would not be any performance increases. One suggestion was getting it and allocating some memory for RAMdisk. I was reading a bit about it and MaxPC brought it up in a recent article.
my question:
what would i use it for and would it be at all useful. I am not really doing any video editing or compiling or anything like that. Mostly basic internet stuff, music, and SC2 game here and there. Is there a group of windows files I would place on there to make things faster. I am not really experiencing anything that seems slow but just looking for a minor project. Of course would always love a faster boot time.
intel i5 2500k modestly overclocked by msi v overclock genie button, to 3.3GHz
8g gigs ddr3 1600 memoryx5
boot dry vertex 2
gpu- geforce gtx 570
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    I kinda like having a lot of RAM available especially for 64-bit games, folks are wrong ->,2778-8.html

    You can use a RAM Disk for a lot of things, the popular two are for RAM Disk as cache of browsers, Photoshop (scratch disk), and installing games or databases. The second use is as a RAM Cache to a HDD or SSD. In the instance of SSD Cache most folks opt for SuperCache ->
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