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Need advice on replacement memory

I have a HP Pavilian Desktop M8300 desktop PC. Three memory sticks just seemed to die on me this last week. I verified that each memory stick individually was defective. I've done this by only using one memory stick at a time in the machine. Each memory stick generated the usual problems such as freezing up, mysteriously rebooting or just causing a BSOD. The fourth memory still is working fine. So, now I'm just running on this one 1024 Mbytes stick.

The desktop has a AMD Athlon 64 X@ dual core processor 6000+

The MOBO has 4 memory slots each with a max size of 4096MB

The memory type is DDR2 (PC2-5300).

Thus, I'm looking for suggestion for replacement memory options. For example, most reliable brand etc.

The primary purpose for this machine is programming. I do a lot of C, C++ and C# programming. I feel that a total of 4096 MB would be sufficient for my needs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    are you sure that each slot maxes @4gb for a total of 16gb? that may be the case, just wanted to ask. anywho if your shootin for 4gb total your best bet is to grab 2x2gb sticks cheapest way to keep dual channel. as far as brands, some may disagree, but the majority of it is all the same. i've always considered the seller more important than the manufacturer when buying memory. still, better safe then sorry i suppose. stick with the big names crucial, kingston, corsair...
  2. Those problems could be caused by not having the voltage set correctly in the bios. Have you checked bios settings according to the sticker on the dimms?

    If the settings are correct, then you should actually test the memory with memtest86 to make sure that's your actual problem and not your power supply failing.
  3. @geekapproved,

    I can't determine the voltage settins for the bios on the dimm sticker. The only information on the sticker is as follows:

    Hynix Korea 09
    1GB 2Rx8 PC@-5300U-555-12
    HYMP512U64CP8-Y5 AB-C 0735

    Unfortunately, being an amateur, I have no idea what the above means.

    @phung1s, Yep, each slot maxes @ 4GB. I verified this using the freeware version of System Information for Windows (SIW) utility. I'll definitely stick with the major brands
  4. Just an update.

    I checked my BIOS settings and it only displays what memory is installed in read only format. I can't find any indication of voltage settings for the memory anywhere in the BIOS.

    My BIOS is Phoenix AwardBIOS
    BIOS revision 5.20 10/03/2007
  5. Ok well that's cause it's generic HP crap. Likely the memory is bad. Replace it.

    Need to know exact model number on back of computer on the sticker it will say M8300 but it will also be more specific and say on another part of the sticker for example M8312 or something. Need that exact model.
  6. The tag on the back indicates M8300 but when I run System Info for Windows (SIW), I get the following info

    HP Pavilion GX611AA-ABA m8300f
  7. On the sticker where the s/n is, at the bottom near where it says Warranty: 1year, there should be a more specific model number such as M8310 or something.
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