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I have a Gateway 700XL computer with a Lexington 3 motherboard. I currently am running a Radeon 8500DV graphics card in the AGP slot. This graphics card does not seem to support the new widescreen monitors. The monitors work at the 4:3 format but not at the 16:9 format. I need to replace this cord with a new card that will work in the AGP slot (AGP 2x, AGP 4x, & AGP2x/4x).

Can you suggest a video card that will work?
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  1. AGP cards are hard to get these days unless you try to find second hand one. if im not mistaken ATI 46xx series are the the fastest and the last AGP card from ATI such as this:

    maybe you should consider to get better system
  2. This is not the answer I was lookin for. It's easy just to say you need a new computer.

    Thanks anyway!
  3. Theirs nothing wrong with the card he posted.It should be able to run widescreen and anything flawlessly.

    Whats is your current power supply?

    How much are you willing to spend and what else do you use the graphics card for besides the widecsreen format?
  4. The power supply is 450watt. I use the graphics card strictly for the widescreen. No gaming. I wanted the 24" widescreen for the larger format as I use AutoCAD. I originally bought the card for the output to copy VHS tapes to DVD on the computer. I ended up buying a stand alone DVD recorder ($600) that I plug the VCR into to copy the tapes to DVD. I don't use that anymore either.

    Based on the information I can find, my 4:3 monitor works at all resolution. The widescreen monitor only worked at the 4:3 resolutions. All widescreen resolutions caused horizontal flickering line and the monitor going black.
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