Upgrade my core 2 duo e4300?

I'm currently running a gaming rig with this set up:

Core 2 duo e4300 Oc
4gb ddr2 pc 5400
ati radeon 6850

Would I have a lot to gain from upgrading to am3 or lga1155?

Use it mainly for:
1. Gaming
2. Movies and surfing
3. Word/exel
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  1. Movie playback, using your browser and MS Office use is not particularly intensive so I doubt you'll see much, if any, performance improvement here.

    You are far more likely to see an improvement with games. It's hard to say without knowing what games you play.
  2. its defo the next component to replace mate, you will see the difference.
  3. Currently playing fable 3 and the witcher 2.
  4. you should get more fps as that cpu is outdated considerably. Also general system tasks will be quicker etc.
  5. I wanted to give you a better answer than just "it'll be faster" so I've been hunting for Fable 3 and Witcher 2 benchmarks. Unfortunately the pickings are slim.

    This german article benchmarking Witcher 2, whilst obviously in German, has a 6870 managing an average FPS of 30fps @ 1920 x 1080 with an older i7 860 (socket 1156) model.

    Perhaps try and recreate their benchmark scenario and see what your system manages?

    If you are going to do the upgrade, an i5 2500k is an excellent choice. Well I say upgrade it's more like a new PC!
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