Safe mode, nVidia driver, and BSOD

I also posted this to the winxp forums since both are relevant.

Whenever windows starts to boot up, it gets to the splash screen and then BSOD's out with "Stop 0x000000CE DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS" and the faulting file is nv4_mini.sys, indicating that its my nvidia display driver.

Now this would be an easy fix if I can just get into safe mode and reinstall the driver, yeah? Problem is, whenever I go to select safe mode by hitting f8, I get the message "windows cannot start under safe mode". Last known good config also yields the BSOD. I just need to be able to get into safe mode to remove the driver, OR find some other way of removing the driver. I have tried repair install using the winxp cd, to no success

So in short,
BSOD on normal boot
Safe mode will not boot
Last known good config BSOD's out
If you guys can find some way of removing the driver without booting, that would be sweet!
Also, I probably wont be available for replies for much longer since im going out, but hit me with everything you can think of
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  1. I doubt it is this, but did you do any OCing to your CPU, RAM, or GFX card? IF so, then, you might be having an issue booting. Go into the BIOS and manually enable integrated GPU. Once the Integrated GPU is enabled, you should be able to get into windows. Once in windows, uninstall all the drivers. Then do a re-install. BTW, take your card out of your computer before you enable your integrated GPU.
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