Will upgrading RAM in a single slot laptop from 1333 to 1866 make much differenc

I have an ASUS X44H-BR5 that runs well and so cool under Real Temp that I felt heat only by putting my hand over the fan exhaust as it neared max temp. But it only has one memory slot that not surprisingly does not perform so well which further impacts the integrated memory sharing Intel graphics processor. I am wondering if I would see an appreciable improvement upgrading from the factory 1333 to 1866 memory such as the Kingston hyper-theading part.
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  1. Not much. how much ram are you running? It looks like that computer can handle up to 4gb of ram. You would see more of a performance upgrading to 4gb if you have not already.
  2. No. You would be better served by adding more ram, not faster ram.
  3. it will if your benchmarking, but otherwise, no. he only difference will be from ddr2 to ddr3, and even thats small.
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