Gforce 7600gs vs intel hd graphics

I am getting a new pc with an i5 650 processor and intel hd graphics. That's all it says for graphics so could someone tell mecif they are good enough to play lord of rings online or should I install my 4 year old gforce 7600gs card
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  1. I think someone else could answer this more definitively than I, however it would certainly appear LOTRO has minimal requirements and a 7600GS could handle the game easily.
    I think the core i5 integrated graphics could handle the game as well, but I don't know as far as settings go how great your experience would be. A dedicated graphics card is still preferred for gaming, not sharing system memory and other resources.

    I believe you'll do better with the video card installed. You can save up for a new card in the meantime. Probably an HD 5670 at the minimum or best bang for buck would be the HD6850 or GTX 460 1GB.
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