Need Advice On My New Planned Upgrades

Hey guys I am currently running a

It has worked great for my solution in my slim case for my low profile gts 450 but now I haved moved my pc into this new case

I was told the psu in this case is garbage, and I am currently wanting to throw out my gts 450 and upgrade to a

I was told the booster could power it, but it would be a good idea to just get rid of that c**p 480w psu I have and sell the booster

and pick up a sli certified psu for my case and the video card. Like I mentioned before I will eventually pick up 2 of these cards so I need a modular

psu that will power my entire pc and both of those evga gtx 570s. I am also soon moving the build into this case

the point is I have around $550.00 dollars I can spend to upgrade my pc.

My Current System Specs

Amd Phenom 2 x4 970 Oc'd to 3850 mhz.

4gb DDR2 1066 mhz dual channel 5-5-5-15

low profile palit geforce gts 450

1 600 gb hd

1 40gb ssd

My main focus is playing the new Rift planes of telara game and others like crysis, world of warcraft, metro 2033. And alot more, I play basically everything.

I also eventually want to run 3 monitors and stretch my resolution across all the screens.

I have my grocery list, but what I can do is skimp on the extra 4gb of ram, and use that towards a new psu thats sli certified for my future dual card system, get the psu, sell this boosterx5 to my local gaming store for 30% off of what I paid. (They might even buy the 480 off me too.) and basically get around 100 dollars back and then possible upgrade to 8gb of ram, but I plan to get a new motherboard for ddr3 ram and the possability of keeping my x4 970 but also have a board I can place a x6 in later in the future, also a board with sli. So right now I am just really lost, I plan to buy

1 Evga GTX Super Clocked 570

Razer Naga Mouse

and either 4gb more ram (To total 8gb ddr2 1066)

Or go for the psu and sell the 480 and booster and possbily get my 100 dollars back and then buy the 4gb upgrade for 70 dollars,

Any advice or help?
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  1. sell the booster and crap 480w. neither of those belong in a solid machine build, imho. i seriously doubt you would notice the difference between 4 and 8gb of ram, so save some cash untill you buy a new mobo/ddr3 (for which 4gb is still more than adequate)
    if you want to run SLI, youre limited to nvidia chipset motherboards. imho anything after the nforce2 chipset is junk. AMD's alternatives are far more attractive as far as mobo's for AMD CPU's go, unfortunately they dont natively support SLI, only crossfire.

    any other questions?
  2. How is this for a new psu and a later solution to sli/ or crossfire?
  3. not hardly. most rosewill products are junk.
    1x geforce 570 try this:
    SLI 570's, go with its 850w brother. theyll provide more than ample power
  4. Since I am limited to sli boards being nvidia chipsets should I perhaps switch my choice of the gtx 570 to perhaps a 6970?
  5. personally, i'd choose the 6950. theres plenty of tutorials online for flashing the 6950 to a 6970.

    make sure whatever mobo you select supports dual 8x crossfire
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