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What Graphics card for old P4 computer

I have got an old IBM ThinkCenter M51 type 8141 with a P4 running at 3 gig Hz. I hooked up 1.5 TB hard drive to store music and videos on. My hope is to use this computer to watch these videos on my flat screen TV. The TV has inputs that say VGA (D-sub), HDMI, and an S-video. The Computer has a slot in it that says PCI Express but not what type of PCI Express. The slot is about 3 and a half inches long with the last half inch separated from the rest by a tab. The computers power supply says do not exceed 300 watts. Can anyone tell me what kind of pci express bus I have? Can anyone suggest a video card for my use?

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    Your slot is a PCI-e x16. Your power supply in the M51 is not a standard ATX power supply, so upgrading it past 300w might be a problem. Your power supply has standard ATX connections, but it's not the standard size, and doesn't have standard screw hole locations. If you plan on just using it to watch videos on a flat screen tv, you should shoot for something like a ATI Radeon 5570 or a Nvidia Geforce GT430. Either of those cards would be WAY more than enough, and both run around $60. They don't require any special power supply requirements or require an auxiliary power connection. You could even do light gaming on those if push came to shove. Any descent video card with those GPU's will have HDMI, so that would take care of your TV interface.
  2. For just the basics and video a cheap simple 5450 will suffice. Don't get the GT430 as they are not the best option for HTPC and office.
  3. I was recommending a 5570 because the price difference between them is hardly anything, like $10 on the site i was checking. There are cheaper cards you can get that would do the job, but saving $5 or $10 for a slower card really makes no sense imo.
  4. True +1
  5. Definitely the 5575 over the 5450.
    That pretty much covers all your options, depending on how much you want to pay. :D
    You may want to check the power usage on some of those higher-power cards, though. I'm fairly sure most of the ATi Radeons in that lineup are extremely power efficient, but I'm not sure about nVidia. I wouldn't get the GT240, if I were you, considering the nonexistent price difference between it and the 5670.

    Just another alternative for you. ;)
  7. Wow, thanks for the fast replies. Sounds like you guys know what you are talking about! The ATI Radeon 5570 seems like the card for me. I checked Best Buy and they want $120 plus they are not clear if it is pci express or express 2.0. I know that it is always a crap shoot buying on line. Can one of you head me in the direction of this board from a <u>dependable</u> online dealer please?

    Thanks again
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