Tf2 drops to 40fps!!

hi, just wondering if this is normal
i have a phenom x6 10055t with a slight oc to 3.08ghz and a gtx560ti,4gb ram
when i play team fortress 2 on a 32 player server and a big gunfight breaks loose the fps suddenly drops to 40fps why??
i heard that tf2 is very CPU demanding but a six core should get that done pretty easily , shouldnt it?
is this normal??
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  1. does not sound normal at all

    I'd reinstall, and file a steam support ticket. i'd also search google for this problem because I believe I have heard about this before
  2. There IS a low framerate fi on the steam forums.
  3. Well, TF2 is no F2P so maybe they somehow limit the FPS on the server side?
  4. i have 300fps with 2500k and 560ti. You should defrag, validate or reinstall the game. Works with me if i have problems on steam.
  5. yeah, could you link te steam thread?
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