5970 4 gig upgrade to 6990?

Hi ,

Looking for some pointers..
I like to have the latest an greatest gaming hardware available.. currently running dual 5970, one 2 gig and the other 4 gig.

does it pay to wait for the 6990? or is the upgrade from 2 5970's giving me little performance boost?
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  1. I do not fully understand what upgrade you are talking about. But if you want to have the latest and greatest when they come out then 2 x HD6990 would be the only acceptable upgrade from 2 x HD5970
  2. No you need to tri-fire 3 6990's.
  3. have you thought about 2 x gtx580's? 6990 performance is speculation for now so wait till they come out with some real benchmarks, then make your choice. I dont think dual gpu cards are worth setting up in xfire, the scaling is just not there. i would go 2 x gtx580's.
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