I have a very big fps problem help me

hi guys i have a problem in my computer when i play games they are fast and awesome and then after 5 minutes the games become so slow and lagy and totaly unplaybale so if someone can help please help me.
i tried gta iv and gta san andreas and other games all begin fast then become slow so what is the reason?
my PC specs:
Intel pentium 4 3.00 ghz (2mb cache)
nvidia geforce 9500 gt DDR2 1g of video ram
2g of rams DDR2
motherboard:gigabyte g41m-esl2

i tried to play games on low graphic options with no difference

so can anyone help me please this is very serius and i dont know what to do
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  1. have you scanned your harddrive for errors and then ran defrag?
    How full is your harddrive?
  2. double post all day
  3. If it were me, I would do what popatim said, then run Ccleaner to get rid of junk files, then use Ccleaner's registry cleaner several times (you have to run it several times sometime to pick up all the junk registry files) and reboot and try again. If that failed I would re-install windows.

    If you are running windows 7, you would benefit with another 2g of ram.
  4. Starting fast then slowing down sounds like a thermal issue. Check your temperatures before starting the game, then after it gets slow.

    Perhaps try running with the case open and a large fan blowing into the PC - if it runs longer before slowing down, then you may be able to ameliorate the problem by improving the cooling in your PC. Could be graphics card cooling, could be CPU cooling - I'd suspect the graphics cooling, as a first guess. You could change the cooler on the card, or add/replace fans in the case - more air blowing through the case might be all you need (it's an easier fix than replacing the cooler on the card). Case fans can improve CPU cooling, too.
  5. ^+1 for being a heat issue. check temps. also can be a power supply issue, once the psu gets hot it cant produce enough power.
  6. Smells like cpu throttling, is it a Prescott P4, if so thats your answer.

    Have you also done a spring clean on fans?
  7. Sounds like the last three guys have got it. P4 = lots of heat. Starts ok then slows down is most likely a heat issue. Get the dust out of there and you should be ok.
  8. good call on the heat throttling guys!
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