First ever build, having trouble picking MoBo

I've assembled some components both through purchases and from my last computer and am building a machine to house and playback media of all sorts, particularly video, and some gaming. I have no desire to overclock.

I currently have in my possession to put in it:

intel i5 2500k sandy bridge processor
GTX 460 graphics
4 GB DDR3 Ram
120GB Crucial SATA3 SSD

I do not have the power supply or case yet.

I've been told to wait on the case until I have the MoBo.

I will eventually be buying an HD PVR to record some old VCR tapes/video game sessions/whatever else
Also, I will be buying a BluRay reader/burner for it.
All this media will eventually be stored in a large amount of standard internal storage (1 or 2 mulitple TB hardrives. The SSD is for games/programs/Windows)

I will be hooking this up to a TV

the board MUST have:
the eventual ability for a second video card

I would LIKE the board to have:

This is pretty specific, but there is a wide range of motherboards in abilities and price out there. I could spend $75 on one or $275 on one.

What should I look for, bearing in mind all these criteria, and do any of you have any suggestions on what board to use?

Also, any advice as to where to go from here that you think I might need from experience, and maybe a little encouragement, would be appreciated.

Thanks much.
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