GA-X58A-UD7 debug error

I have the gigabyte GA-X58A -UD7 motherboard. It has been running ok but just started to not start the screen.
I get motherboard LED debug no 62 on it.
anywhere we can find a list of the error codes
or can anyone tell me what it is please.
I have taken the cpu off (I7) and cleaned the contacts with pencil rubber and reinstalled with preium heat sink paste etc. same error.
The PC shop said they njust gave the cooling fan a bump and it made the chip contacts touch better again.
worked there but I brought it hom eand no go.\
I bumped but no go.
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  1. the pc was initially built by a friend as an exercise for him as he was ill with cancer.
    He is a professional hardware it person for some 30 yrs, since spring actuated adding machines even!
    the machine has been running for 18mnths so not any of the items refered to in previous answer.

    I ended up handing it over to a PDC repair shop here that I trust and is very good. The owner actually wrote the warranty for HP.
    hes diagnosed random fault in the video card after much testing and poking.
    thanks for help.
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