CPU fan going crazy

Hey everyone,
i have a weird problem, once my cpu fan never goes over 5800 rpm it will never go down from it, even while completely idle. until i turn the computer off and let it rest for a while.also, while rendering or running heavy duty games it goes up to about 6500, but the strange thing is that my cpu temp at idle is about 48c (which i think is too much, but not extreme) and when i push him and the fan rpm goes to 6500 the cpu temp is the same, even one degree less...
on the other hand my GPU temp is even higher at about 53-54, but i dont hear my GPU fan complaining...
another weird thing is that when i click on sleep, the CPU fan goes into hyperdrive and is just about ready to take off into space, and then sleep kicks in and all is right with the world again...
would appreciate any help i can get.
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  1. 48 at idle is definitely higher than you'd like. It may be that that temperature is why the fan won't slow down. I wonder if the temperature sensor is reading higher than it ought?

    To be honest, that's awfully fast for a CPU fan, too - I'm more accustomed to using slower fans, running 1200/1500/2000 rpm. What fan and CPU cooler are you using?

    GPU temperatures usually run higher than CPU temperatures - nothing to panic about there, and GPU temperatures under 60 degrees are nothing to worry about.

    It's not unheard of for the fan to ramp up briefly before going into sleep mode - I think it's a deliberate attempt to cool the CPU down a bit before turning the fan off - in case turning the fan off could allow the CPU temperature to rise to a dangerous level.
  2. what cpu fan/heatsink are you using? what processor are you using?
  3. thanks for the response guys :) my fan and heatsink are just the default ones that came with my Phenom II X4 965, i'm assuming they are something cheap and generic. (they worked fine for about 6 months)
  4. Freezer Pro rev2 will do a Phenom II nicely, I have one on a X4 840 and nice and chilly.
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